Steps To Fix AOL Mail Down or Not Working Problem

AOL Mail Down

AOL mail is one of the best emailing service providers used across the world by millions of people. Sometimes users encounter AOL Mail Down or Not working problems. So, all users who face such issues are suggested to read the complete details provided here until the end and resolve it.

Like other emailing services, AOL Mail also provides an easy and straightforward user experience through its user-friendly interface. If the user faces AOL Mail down or not working problems, they should try the solution below. 

Thus, through the fixes provided in this section, the user can quickly fix their issue in a hassle-free manner. If anyhow, after applying these steps, the problem persists, then the users are suggested to contact the AOL customer service team for immediate assistance.

Cause behind AOL Mail Down Problem

Many people love AOL Mail because it offers a lot of latest and advanced mailing features. Moreover, it proves to be the best emailing service provider due to its friendly interface. Apart from its services and features, some users still face issues while accessing their AOL Mail. Thus, the AOL Mail Down is one of the most common problems encountered by the users.

  • Virus in the system
  • Corrupted software may lead to the AOL Mail Down issue.
  • Firewall guiding principle may results in AOL Mail not working issue.
  • Sometimes cookies in the web browser are the reason behind this issue.

Steps to fix AOL Mail Down or Not Working Problem

AOL Mail is a mailing platform through which the users can smoothly perform all mail related tasks such as creating mail, sending and receiving messages, and staying updated with the news via the newsfeed section.

Often, due to AOL Mail Down or not working problems, the user’s work gets hampered. The users are suggested to go through the steps discussed below to prevent such situations and fix them.

Make use of Basic Mail

AOL’s latest version requires heavy speed to respond, and if it is not working, then the users are suggested to try its basic version. Thus, the basic version of AOL Mail allows the user to access their account straightforwardly and easily.

Try Resetting the Web settings

Web settings are essential whenever the user accesses any of the email services. So, the users are advised to reset the general web settings, restart the system and then try reaccessing AOL Mail.

Disable Pop-up

Antivirus programs restrict some browsing actions, so it can be a significant reason behind the AOL Mail down issue. So, try disabling it for some time and then try accessing the AOL mail.

Clear Browser’s Cache

All users facing AOL Mail down or Not working problems are recommended to clear the browser cache and then try logging their AOL Mail.

Try Disabling the protected mode

The “Disable the protected mode” option is presented in the internet explorer that saves the user’s online activities against hackers and threats. So, it sometimes stops the few programs to function correctly. Therefore, the users are suggested to turn it “OFF” and reaccess their AOL Mail.

Connect with AOL Customer Service Team for Assistance

The users who cannot deal with the AOL Mail Down issue or fail to fix the problem are recommended to commune with the AOL Customer Service team. The well-versed experts are always there to assist the users and provide them with the best possible way to fix the AOL Mail not working problem.

So, after applying all these steps, the user can quickly resolve the AOL Mail Down issue. Moreover, if the issue does not get resolved after using these steps or the issue remains the same, then take an instant solution for the problem via AOL customer service experts.

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